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Comment of the day

"What i dont understand is how this design conforms to Miami 21 at all.... Miami 21 is all about the ground level streetscape. I see a raised building on pilotis covering a porte cochere. First porte cocheres are not supposed to be within the first 25' of the property/3rd layer. Second they are supposed to be screened/lined from view of street. Second T-6 uses are supposed to have 70% building frontage on their primary streets on and parallel to the setback line with habitual uses. Lastly garages are supposed to be screened or lined from view. What I see here is an unscreened garage, a raised building on piloti covering a porte cochere. This building will do absolutely nothing to contribute to the vitality of streetscape of Biscayne Boulevard nor will it foster a pedestrian friendly environment. In fact it is making the very mistakes that brought about Miami 21. So unless this was approved with a MUSP, I dont know how it got approved. I have had some dealings recently with the Miami Planning department and the zoning administrator and they have been VERY lenient with Miami 21 to the point where it seems like in many cases their are ignoring/waiving many critical aspects of the code. Citizens need to be alerted to this. We deserve better urban design in Miami then the same crap that has been pumped out over the past 30 years that have made Miami the butt of so many jokes."-Jake Keirn [Related Finally Reveals Unika Redux, Baltus House]


4300 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL