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Design District Plans Getting Bigger, But Not If A Private Jet Lawsuit Stops It In Its Tracks

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Developer Craig Robins - in the midst of a massive Design District reconstruction - has submitted plans to the City of Miami for an even bigger Design District, to include almost 500 more residential units, almost additional 500,000 square feet of commercial space, another 1000+ parking spots, and a tad more open space (about 1000 square feet), according to exMiami.

Meanwhile, Robins is in a headache of a mess of lawsuits, allegations, and sex (well, allegations of 'dating' and 'being in bed with') with fellow developers Ugo Colombo and Jeffrey Soffer, head of Turnberry and the Fontainebleau Hotel. Check out the Miami Herald's article on it here. The catch is, and this is where it gets weird, exMiami suggests, without explanation, that the private jet mess could "threaten" Robins' Design District plans. Wait, what?

UPDATE: This post erroneously reported that Jeffrey Soffer was dead. He is not. Mr. Soffer survived that helicopter crash.

UPDATE #2: Colombo's attorney said Robins was dating Jackie Soffer, Jeffrey's sister. Funny how commenters only cared about the dead Jeffrey Soffer thing and not the wording that accidentally implied a steamy Craig/Ugo/Jeffrey gay three-way. But hey, this is Miami.
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