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This Is What Could Replace Grove Landmark Scotty's Landing

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Here now is the only proposal submitted to the RFP for the redevelopment of Scotty's Landing and Grove Key Marina, by a group called Grove Bay Investment Group, and designed by Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Arquitectonica. The City of Miami's redevelopment push for the restaurant and marina just to the north of City Hall on the Grove waterfront hadn't seen much traction for months, with the original proposals being chucked out due to revelations of scandal and corruption, followed by the just as distressing news that Scotty himself was neck deep in unpaid taxes. So, things remained unchanged while the RFP bidding process was reopened and they waited for proposals to roll in. The thing is, only two proposals came down the gangway, but one dropped out before the deadline. This is the other.

The plan calls for the restoration of the two historic Pan Am seaplane hangars on the site, with one to be reused as retail with an emphases on boat supplies and the other for boat storage. All large trees on the property will be preserved, with parkland being added where surface lots are today. Plantings will feature flora native to Florida and dominant to Coconut Grove. Building materials will include coral rock. Parking is concentrated in a four story garage, and a central pedestrian avenue bisects the site, from Bayshore Drive to the waterfront dining area. The waterfront dining area will replace the Scotty's Landing and Chart House restaurants. There's a large outdoor vertical boat storage area. A monument to the site's important aviation history will be at the heart of the development, just behind a waterfront stand of banyan trees which themselves will become the center of what the plan calls 'Banyan Tree Park.'

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Scotty's Landing

3381 Pan American Dr, Miami, FL 33133

Chart House

5700 Southwest Terwilliger Boulevard, , OR 97239 Visit Website