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The Wolfsonian Museum Is Expanding To Downtown Miami

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Since prodigious collector of design and cultural ephemera Micky Wolfson donated the Wolfsonian Museum's South Beach building and collection to Florida International University about 16 years ago, Mr. Wolfson hasn't stopped shopping. He's stashed his loot in a three story office condominium downtown known as the Mitchell Wolfson Jr. Study Center which, until now, has been his personal realm of fascinating and unusual artifacts and objets d'art mostly closed to the public. Now, on July 1st he's gifting the whole kit and caboodle to the Wolfsonian too. As for how the Wolfsonian will use the space, a timeframe for broad public access is still unknown but educational courses will begin using the site in the fall, and much work has yet to be done to beef up security systems, hire staffers, etc. etc.
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