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Both Relateds Are On Board At Island Gardens

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The Related Companies of New York and the Related Group of Miami have joined the Flagstone Group's Island Gardens megaproject paaaaarty. Preliminary designs were shown to city commissioners by architecture firm Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe & Associates. The two Relateds have promised an expanded scope, adding more hotel rooms, double the retail, a 100,000 square foot convention center, and the full shimmer and swagger of a Related project (times two!) to the long-stalled Watson Island plan. And the city commission is all like 'yay!' except for one grumpypuss, Commissioner Carollo.

Fantasies of a Time Warner Center on the high seas, or a floating Icon Brickell may not be too far off. "It's really the most complicated job I have ever been involved in," Jorge Perez said. "I will put 1,000 percent of my effort to make it a reality." And that's saying a lot coming from the king himself.
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