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Riverfront Mansion Sells for $35M; NYC's Piers, Then and Now

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The new real estate news from New York...

1) Turtle Bay: A huge and beautiful 20-foot-wide mansion overlooking the East River sold for a cool $35 million, setting a record for price-per-square foot for townhouses of that size. The home once belonged to famed landscape architect Ellen Biddle Shipman, and the seller renovated the place to its former glory.

2) The Waterfront: New York City's piers are a summertime hotspot with waterfront parks, kayaking, and open-air eateries, but there was a time when they made this city run. To show the transformation, we collected then-and-now photos of the city's most popular piers.

3) Upper West Side: The brokerbabble calls this place an "irreplaceable historic penthouse," and while that may be a slight exaggeration, it is pretty baller?and it was just pricechopped by $4.5 million. Click through for the drool-worthy photos and floorplan porn.

4) Little Italy: After five long years, the UFO-like domed penthouse of the iconic Police Building has finally found a buyer, and it's a famous one! Zero Dark Thirty producer Megan Ellison bought the place for $2.8 million to use as a pied-a-terre.
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