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Philippe Starckian Interiors Coming To Echo Brickell

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exMiami reports that Echo Brickell's interiors will be by an old Miami classic, a goofy guy that did a lot to develop the signature contempo/pomo/graphico look of Miami in the 90s and early aughts: Philippe Starck, designer of the Delano, the SLS South Beach, Icon South Beach, and many other flights of plush fantasy. Well, more or less. Less because they're actually being done up by an interior design firm Starck founded, called yoo. Interestingly, his name doesn't appear on the 'Team' section of the company's site. Okay, so they're getting mass produced Starck. Still, a Starck is a Starck, right?

UPDATE: We had a feeling the involvement of Mr. Starck himself was minimal. Says Echo Brickell's P.R. team: "Yoo Studio Design is collaborating with Carlos Ott to do the interiors of Echo Brickell. This is the first time Yoo has collaborated with a designer outside of the firm. Mr. Stark isn't on the project himself."
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Echo Brickell

1451 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131