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Comment of the day

"This plan doesn't work! The boat storage area has no access to the water! The area marked "boat entry" is another marina's boat launch area. And it is already at capacity on most weekends. The plan eliminates probably 50% of the boat storage capacity on a currently near full marina. Why add retail space to compete with all the unoccupied space in the Grove and by Monty's. The Marine industry is a billion $ taxable industry in SE Florida, that needs access to the water. The "Master Plan" already has eliminated the 27th street boat ramp, which could handle more boats if the parking area were bigger."-anon. [This Is What Could Replace Grove Landmark Scotty's Landing]

Scotty's Landing

3381 Pan American Dr, Miami, FL 33133

Chart House

5700 Southwest Terwilliger Boulevard, , OR 97239 Visit Website