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Bjarke Ingels' Convention Center Hotel Will Have Vitamin C Showers, And Other Weird Things

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A vitamin-c infused showerhead to neutralize chlorinated water? A dawn simulating alarm clock? Melatonin level preserving LED nightlights? All these wild sounding features might be in the new Miami Beach Convention Center Hotel if the Portman-CMC team wins the convention center competition. HotelChatter is reporting that they've signed on a 'Wellness Hotel Room' company called Delos to make every room in the hotel a sanctuary of wellness, healthy living, or whatever.

But all snide commentary aside, (Daylight simulating alarm clock? People want to sleep in when they come to Miami... Okay, we'll stop.) HotelChatter says the 'Stay Well' rooms that Delos built at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas are spectacular. Other MGM Grand Stay Well features include mega air purifiers, and melatonin enhancing bathroom lighting, aromatherapy aroma infusion, water filtration, electromagnetic field protections, photo-catalytic coatings, more fancy lighting, and healthy mini-bar snacks. Mmm, can't wait to manage those melanin levels while on vacay.
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Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139