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Comment of the day

"I will concede, the design might be good in a vacuum.... but the structure it is located in provides additional cultural constraints that should have been obeyed. A stronger design would have encompassed both the flexibility and dynamism of the current plan married with its location in one of the last un-renovated immensely historically significant beaux-arts buildings in south Florida. The simple fact that the other renovated buildings from the same period downtown divorced a more contextual historical renovation is case enough that at least JUST ONE building should have been sensitively renovated. the fact that they cant make an effort to do it even once is reason enough to be frustrated no matter how clever the design is. And dont reference to me the Ingraham, or the Olympia which were restorations, not re-purposing renovations, and 101 East Flagler couldn't even be bothered to get correct Corinthian pilasters designed for its "restoration"-Scott Douglass