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Three-Story Rotunda With House Attached Sells For $30M

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Castello del Sole, which literally means 'castle of the sun', a rambling mediterranean revival revival (recent construction, a modern day revival of the 1920s mediterranean revival style), complete with its three story central rotunda and smorgasbord of other over the top features (lagoon style pool with two lap swimming lanes anyone?) has sold for an eye popping price of $30 million. Check out a photo tour of the house, here. Although the price was $7 million under the house's original ask (let's chalk that up to the previous owner's lack of taste) it's still a record for the rarified houses on uber-rarified Lagorce Circle Drive, where the likes of Billy Joel until recently was a neighbor, and Lil' Wayne (when he's not in jail) still is.
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Castello Del Sole

42 Lagorce Circle, Miami Beach, FL