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Miami's Parklet Pilot Program Makes Park(ing) Day Permanent

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Remember Park(ing) Day, that annual event when people commandeer parallel parking spaces and - with money in the meter - turn them into actual parks? While it really took off in cities like New York, South Florida's always had one or two picture perfect little examples pop up every year. Last year it was in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Well, with a new pilot program to last one year, that shit's permanent in the City of Miami. "The Miami Parking Authority apparently loved the idea" says Grove Grapevine. As approved by the City Commission, the rules are pretty straightforward:

1) Business owners can apply to use available parallel parking spaces in front of their commercial establishments.
2) The application comes with an application fee. (Hey, money makes the world go 'round)
3) Commercial establishments can then improve their parking spaces, turning them into little public spaces. They must maintain them, and temporary additions must be aesthetically in keeping with the adjacent streetscape.
4) Temporary raised decking, if installed, must be at the level of the adjacent sidewalks and ADA compliant.
5) The parklets must not contain any advertising or signage.
6) The parklets must be open and available for use by the general public, and not just patrons of the establishment.
7) This is a year long pilot program, so only five parklets will be allowed to operate at any one time.
8) If all goes well, in a year you'll be seeing many more parklets sprouting up all over the place.
yadda... yadda... yadda... The official policy, as adopted, can be found here.
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