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Big New 79th Street Fire Station Is Blazing Along

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That big blocky thing going up on 79th Street... that's a fire station. It'll have a tower, two big bays for fire trucks, a flag pole out front, and only one floor, which means no fire pole. Tragic. But hey, this is one of the first big improvements for a road in transition. Towards the bay the Shorecrest Luxury Apartments have just broken ground, and over on Biscayne Boulevard, Biscayne Plaza is gearing up for its overhaul, but neither are nearly as far along as this fire house. Meanwhile, despite the lack of a fire pole, the neighborhood is luckily not entirely without its poles. There's still a strip club, with pole, right down the street. For those interested geeks and/or pyros, the station's plans can be found here. (warning: PDF)

Know any other new fire stations coming on line? Do tell us.
· City of Miami Fire Station No. 13 [Legistar]