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Art Deco Traymore Hotel Comes Back To Life As A COMO

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The long shuttered art deco Traymore Hotel on Collins Avenue and 24th Street is being gutted, rehabed, and (hopefully, we haven't seen plans) restored to its former glory as the Metropolitan by COMO, representing the first United States hotel for this Singaporean luxury hotel chain, according to the Miami Herald. Apparently, besides just getting another new hotel, hotel wonks say this is a totally big deal for Miami Beach because it means that hotel chains are now seeing South Florida as a viable point of entry into the USA, recognizing the city as a global market.

Ok, cool. It's also yet another big thumbs up for the neighborhood we call Collins Waterfront, which for decades has been a somewhat seedy stretch between oh-so-fabulous South Beach and the megahotels starting at the Fontainebleau at 44th street and heading north. The hotel is on track to be open by December.
· COMO Hotels Makes First U.S. Push In Miami Beach [Miami Herald]