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Here Are Two Images Of Miami Without Sprawl, Other Things

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Somebody on exMiami has spotted two renderings of an imaginary Miami somewhere in Miami International Airport by a "visionary artist" whose name is not listed anywhere. They interpret the images as a Miami with no sprawl, maybe a utopian version of the city today, but could these renderings just showing the parts of Miami that matter to the airport and omitting the parts that don't?

Miami Beach, a big tourist traffic generator for the airport, is prominent in the image. Brickell, and the lower half of Downtown (the portion that doesn't have FAA height restrictions?) is included, but the upper half isn't. In fact, everything in MIA's flight path is completely gone, giving the airport, which apparently takes up the entire northern part of the county, miles of Biscayne Bay frontage. I-95 becomes a meandering country road. There's a little bit of Coral Gables throw in. Maybe that's where airport execs live. Metrorail, after leaving the airport's gleaming new station, heads straight for Fort Lauderdale. Biscayne Bay is basically covered in megayacht marinas. And there's no sign of the seaport to be found. At all.

· Rendering: Miami Without The Sprawl [exMiami]