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Lyle Chariff Demoing Old Design District Power Studios For Something Fabulous

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What is the intriguing but long-shuttered Power Studios building in the Design District? It was a hopping club in the 90s owned by a guy named Ross Power that was a big, big deal, but finally closed shop and was put up for sale by 2006, making it a bit of a mystery to... well, fine, to your Editor and probably lots of other young people.

So there. Anyways, after a long, uneventful time on the market, local developer Lyle Chariff has finally picked the place up, but doesn't plan to bring it back to its glory years. He's brought in local architecture firm Touzet Studio - designers of the much lauded Gap building on Lincoln Road - to design "a world-class, award-winning design building" for the spot. Fresh.

P.S. Apparently Ross Power is reopening Power Studios somewhere else. Super fresh.
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