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The Biscayne Times Chronicles The Saga Of Greynolds Park

The towers that could one day loom over Greynolds Park - Dade County's second oldest and perhaps greatest park - are the topic of this month's cover story in the Biscayne Times. If built, the two-towered complex will hold a 275 room Hyatt Hotel, 85,000 square feet of office space, retail, a conference center, 739 parking spaces, and a rooftop lounge. The complex, by developers Braha Dixie LLC, could be a substantial new project in a city that hasn't seen much development in a long time. It'll also substantially infringe on the natural vistas of the park, bringing urbanity right back into the idyllic pastoral park by seminal South Florida landscape designer William Lyman Phillips.

Meanwhile, the whole neighborhood may be about to come alive with development. A large abandoned Marina nearby is being reopened with new luxury condo towers called Marina Palms. Although these towers are taller than the ones proposed adjacent to Greynold's Park, they are a bit farther away. Hopefully far enough.
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[Photo by Silvia Ros/Biscayne Times]