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'Ham And Cheese' Maurice Fatio House Sells For $16 Million

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An iconic 1928 Maurice Fatio-designed estate in Palm Beach, affectionately known by locals as the 'Ham and Cheese' House because of its characteristic alternating bands of red brick and oolitic limestone, has sold for $15.975 million according to the Shiny Sheet. Ahem, we mean the Palm beach Daily News. Both bought and sold by anonymous wealthy Palm Beach society people, the house's real name is Casa Elada, the first name of the firs owner's wife spelled backwards.

Along with 22,253 square feet of living space, eight bedrooms, a central courtyard with a pool, about an acre of land directly across S. Ocean Boulevard from the blue Atlantic, and a rare full basement, the palatial stunner comes with one even rarer feature: A tunnel under the road that goes to the beach and a private cabana. Check out the stunning interiors, sadly not including any pictures of the tunnel, after the jump.

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