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The Coconut Grove Convention Center Is Finally Dunzo

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The Coconut Grove Convention Center, a.k.a. the Coconut Grove Expo Center, a.k.a. the home of 'Burn Notice' is finally going the way of the Dodo. According to exMiami, the City of Miami is waisting no time in processing a demo permit for the waterfront building, hoping to tear the bitch down after the show wraps up the filming of its seventh season this summer. Now the city can fiiiiiinally implement some of the glacially slow Coconut Grove Waterfront Master Plan, giving city planners a great reason to do their happy dance and turn the land into a long awaited park..
· Miami processing demolition permit for Coconut Grove Convention Center. [Curbed Miami]

Coconut Grove Convention Center

2700 S Bayshore Drive, Miami, Florida