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New 'Servant Friendly' Tropic Mod Condo Building '101' Comes To Key Biscayne

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New multi-unit residential construction is slim pickings on Key Biscayne, but here's one: An eleven unit residential building called 101. Renderings of a design by Key Biscayne architect Gabriel Lopez show a building with a classic 'tropical modern' aesthetic that originally made Curbed wonder if it was an unexecuted earlier design by old school Miami architects Alfred Browning Parker or Kenneth Treister. Units include large balconies with outdoor kitchens, flow-through designs, and wood details. And there's a rooftop pool, gym, and loungy area/amenity deck.

The building, however, is pushing its convenience for traveling wealthy foreigners, including those who employ servants in uniforms. Yes, servants. (and this isn't the first new building with a maid's room. At least these have windows) The customizable apartments come with teeny-tiny little 'dens' with ensuite bathrooms that one has to pass through the laundry room to get to, and "We also included a changing area with locker rooms on the lower floor for domestic staff, so they don't have to use the owner's bath or bedroom at the beginning or end of the day."
· 101 [101keybiscayne]