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Stop The Wrecking Balls, It's Mayor Matti To The Rescue Of Historic Houses Everywhere

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Balls, hehe.

Proving that she's a really cool lady, Mayor Matti Bower, of Miami Beach, has proposed a six month moratorium on the demolition of historic and architecturally significant houses in Miami Beach. Says Mayor Matti, "I believe this moratorium is important to allow for the review of current and proposed ordinances that would protect against demolition of our historic single-family-home neighborhoods, while allowing time for further incentive programs to be developed in order to preserve more of our existing housing stock." Commissioners will consider the proposal at their meeting this Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Miami Design Preservation League is in the midst of suing "Boob God" Leonard and his wife, Real Housewife of Miami Lisa Hochstein in yet another attempt to save an iconic 1925 Mediterranean Revival estate by the architect Walter DeGarmo that the Hochsteins plan to demo and replace with an architectural travesty. So, is the Mayor trying to save the day and stop future carnage in response to the firestorm of controversy surrounding the Hochstein saga? Ummm, fuck yeah she is. And in response to every other tragic loss of an architecturally significant single family home in Miami Beach in recent years. We're talking about the red brick Maurice Fatio manor house on North Bay Road that ceased to exist in a flurry of bulldozers. We're also talking about the three houses that Wayne Boich Jr. flattened to build his huge new place, also on North Bay Road. (He's a really nice guy though. Seriously. And apparently there was a tree growing through one of them) And, of course, we're talking about the Hochstein house.
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Wayne Boich Jr. House

4700 North Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida

42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida