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Comment of the day

"Less is a bore.... I would rather have an active civic square for the heart of my city rather than an empty, underutilized, over sized green space. We already have great green spaces: south point park, flamingo park, Lunnus park, the bass museum park, new world park etc , PLUS the ocean and the bay. What this city needs is a great social square/ focal point that is surrounded by a variety of uses: conventions, museums, housing retail, monuments, and government buildings and CORRECTLY sized spaces. Only then will this space be utilized to its full potential. I hope the city doesn't squander this golden opportunity to do something trueky great on the last major redevelopable piece of land in Miami Beach."-Jake Keirn [As D-Day Looms, Catching Up On The Convention Center Drama]

Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139