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Frolic In The Bay At This 51 Story Edgewater Condo

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Here's something somewhat novel: swimming in the bay off the Edgewater seawall, the marquee feature of Edgewater's latest big-ass condo, Biscayne Beach. People swim in Biscayne Bay all the time. They take a boat out, jump off the side, frolic in the aquiline waters, jet ski past Flagler Memorial Island, etc. Closer to the mainland, the swimming conditions don't look so good, but they probably just need cleaning up.

Let's assume they install swimming docks. Then they do something to clean up the litter, check for dead bodies, scrap off the barnacles, vanquish the seaweed, and somehow make the bay bottom pleasant and sandy without upsetting environmentalists too much. They add jet skis, paddle boards, kayaks, rafts, colorful plastic floaties. Put in some cabanas, maybe a sandy spot with lounge chairs. Don't make it a private, exclusive party place. Put it right out in the public, with a baywalk straight down the middle. Now you've got what is probably the most fantastic new condo amenity since mechanical parking garages, or pet spas. (Joking This is way better than pet spas) Swimming in the bay, and turning the bayside into a beachy, loungy area, in the heart of Miami? So simple, yet so wonderful. This is the kind of Miami we should aspire to be.

· Biscayne Beach [biscaynebeachresidences]