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Comment of the day

"Even if the area is completely given over to needle-strewn vacant lots and shelters, does that mean that the city's planning guidelines (not to mention industry best practices) should be thrown in the toilet? Shutting down a street for a huge podium is completely the wrong move and it's unnecessary. I work with large developers all the time and I can tell you that they will do the minimum necessary to build a building; if they were told to keep the street open and follow the planning guidelines they would have sucked it up and done it (perhaps with a lot of grumbling and chest thumping). The guilty parties here are those at the city that aren't adequately enforcing Miami21's vision for the city. They're the ones that need to hold Related's feet to the fire. Now the architecture.... holy crap. That is one unbelievably horrible design. It's basically a 50's era Galt Ocean Mile condo with an architecture school dustbin applique tacked on. It's unforgivable."-carcharadon [The Zoning Calamity That Is The Related Group's Element]