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Check Out Genting's New Bimini Ship; Lots of Pics Of Old Miami

· Dr. Shine has polished Miami Beach's soiled shoes for 21 years. [South Florida News Source]
· The Miami Airport convention center is, apparently, one of the best in the world. [Wall Street Journal]
· Gloria Estefan celebrates the recent Miami Marine Stadium victory [Miamism]
· Check out the interiors of Genting's new cruise ship to Bimini [SFBJ]
· Sale saves South Beach apartment building from foreclosure [SFBJ]
· Rainy weather delays closure of the Alton Road Flyover. Also delays total anarchy. [Belle Isle Blog]
· The old J.C. Penny estate was at 9 Belle Isle, Miami Beach, FL []
· The old Florida Theater, downtown, was sadly demolished in 1974 []
· In 1950, Kelly's Drive In was on the water at 79th street. []
· Miami's First Baptist Church was demoed in 1925, and here's an old-ass pic of it happening. []
· The developers of 600 Alton are having a neighborhood meeting to, you know, let everyone know what's up. [WAvNa]
· Hoorah! Design tweaks are being implemented in the reconstruction of Alton Road. [WAvNa]
· Here's what Flagler Street looked like, circa 1926, in downtown Miami. []
· Before the Florida Theater, there was the Hippodrome Theater []
· FPL's transmission line on US-1 or bust? [Homestead Is Home]
· Woah. Perez Hilton reminisces about his Florida childhood. [Huffpo]
· NE 2nd Avenue project stalled: people start pointing fingers [TransitMiami]
· Argentine developer Constantini counters claim that Key Biscayne has become a 'Porteno' suburb [Real Deal Miami]
· Gulp. Now the Miami Marine Stadium just needs twenty million [Miami New Times]
· The new Metrorail extension aids getting to and fro from the airport. [Miami Hurricane]
· Golf pro Greg Norman lists Delray Beach property for $25 million [Real Deal Miami]