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Holy Crap, The Versace Mansion Will Go To Auction Sept. 17th

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Holy Mother Of Crap! Casa Casuarina, forever known to everyone as the Versace Mansion, that one-time Xanadu of boys in teeny tiny bathing suits, more party drugs you can shake a glow stick at, a giant 'party shower' where who-knows-or-remembers-what went down when things got steamy, celebrities, and a middle-aged fashion designer owner shot dead on the front steps, will be sold at bankruptcy auction at 10 AM, September 17th. The auction will be held live at the mansion, and prospective bidders must escrow $3 million with the owner's law firm, Marshall Socarras Grant in Boca Raton, and demonstrate proof of $40 million in funds, far under the house's latest asking price of $75 million. And it wouldn't hurt if they wore Versace. In fact, it would be a very logical idea. Do it for Gianni!
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Casa Casuarina

1116 Ocean Drive, Miami, FL 33139