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WSJ Profiles Rene Gonzalez's 'Disappearing' Buildings

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The Wall Street Journal's 'Mansion' section is fascinated by Rene Gonzalez, architect of Miami's most expensive house, and more recently, Glass at 120 Ocean Drive, both of which are supposed to - at least in theory - blend into the landscape.

An interesting tidbit about the massive Indian Creek manse: the house was inspired by "how the light moves from east to west throughout that property" Gonzalez tells the Journal. Huh. Ok. Cool. Also "the units' foyers will have ceilings with programmable lighting systems that shift from a more light-diffused urban star-scape on the lower levels to a more open starry sky higher up. An interlacing stone pattern in the lobby will become increasingly intricate as it meets the elevators, subtly referencing a cresting wave." Wow. Oh, and "Construction is slated to start next month on Glass, and Mr. Gonzalez says he will work with buyers to customize their interiors. Seven of the 10 units are in contract. Buyers so far have come largely from the finance and tech industries in London, New York, San Francisco and Miami (some already have homes in Miami Beach)." Do check out the video above, along with the Journal's profile, over on their website.
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3 Indian Creek Drive

3 Indian Creek Drive, Indian Creek Village, Florida

Glass Miami Beach

120 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL