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Journal Of Archicritism Devoting Upcoming Issue To Miami

Along with our king size helping of incredible new architecture, Miami is about to get a big dose of first-rate architectural criticism. CLOG, a journal that "explores, from multiple viewpoints and through a variety of means, a single subject particularly relevant to architecture now" is devoting its next issue to Miami, and looking for article submissions, due August 15th. Says CLOG about Miami, in a particularly elegant distillation of what's happening down here: "When it comes to architecture, something is definitely happening in Miami. Not only is real estate and development booming, but recently, significant civic projects have demonstrated a potentially serious public/private commitment to infuse the commons with design and the arts, as seen in the Wynwood Art District and Art Basel Miami. Miami invented a strand of mid-century Modernism, epitomized the design aesthetic of the 1980s, hosted the major intellectual center of the New Urbanism movement, and is now providing opportunities to a new (and hungry) crop of international architects in projects like the Miami Beach Convention Center, Coconut Grove, the New World Center, One Thousand Museum Tower, 111 Lincoln Road, and more."
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