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A Week Spent Celebrating The Gloriously Greasy Spoon

The dining dish from Eater Miami...

1) A Day in The Life: Eater checks out what it's like to run Blue Collar. Chef Daniel Serfer gives us the full scoop, by the hour. This way.

2) Eater Maps: In honor of Greasy Spoons Week 2013, we wanted to find out where it is you can go when you have those middle of the night cravings. So, we did. Here are the Latest Late-Night Diners, mapped. We've also hunted down the greasy spoon dish outside of its natural habitat. Here are some restaurants – not normally considered greasy spoons – where you can get your fix.

3) Club Sandwich Power Hour: Paying homage to the beautiful and iconic greasy spoon item, the Club sandwich, we've dug up the Club's little secrets, as many of them as we could find anyway. Check out some fun facts.
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