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Check Out This New Art Gallery Downtown, In An Old Bank

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[Via CU-1 Gallery]

In the shitshow that is Miami's ever-evolving art scene (it's growing, it's shrinking, everyone's leaving, it's all about Art Basel, Wynwood is out, Downtown is in, there aren't enough museums, the museums suck, there are a lot of museums, there's too much money, all the art is in private hands, nobody cares, everyone's broke, etc.) a new gallery is faced with a huge question: "will they like me, or will they just not care?" And architecture helps. Case in point is the new CU-1 Contemporary Photo Gallery in Downtown's beaux arts Security Building, which just had its inaugural exhibition opening. An old banking space, the gallery has a double-height ceiling, the old bank vault door, and raw beams of Dade-County pine everywhere. Do check out the photo gallery, above.
· CU-1 Contemporary Photo Gallery [CU-1]