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Comment of the day

"I like the building, but its SO obviously targeted at Brazilians. I live in Sao Paulo, and the features of these condos are like nearly every upper middle class apartment in Sao Paulo, small maid's quarters off of the kitchen, and an outdoor "light kitchen" for barbequeing and hosting parties on the terrace. Granted, we pay our maids what in US dollars is about $600 per month (plus benefits), but I personally don't know any middle to upper middle class people with maids who bring their maids to the US, but it's clearly targeted at people who do that. I cannot imagine the process of getting my maid a visa to travel to the US. The thought makes me shudder. It's fun to see how 'welcoming' the new projects are in Miami to Brazilians."-SaoPaulochris [New 'Servant Friendly' Tropic Mod Condo Comes To Key Biscayne]