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Could The Homestead Air Reserve Base Close In A Few Years?

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A jumbo-jet sized hurdle may soon be out of the way of Donald Trump's giant Homestead film studio dream. Noticing the aggressive encroachment of development in the flight path of the Homestead Air Reserve Base, and the city of Homestead's keen interest in annexing and developing the land to the east of the base, the blog Homestead Is Home has come to the conclusion that "whether Homestead ARB makes it to the list [of base closures] is not a matter of if but when". And 'when' could be as soon as 2015, in the next round of closures by the Defense Base Closure And Realignment Commission, or BRAC for short. So, what could the base be turned into? You better believe Trump will be eyeing it, but it could also go to other developers, or be turned into a 'commercial cargo relief airport' for MIA.
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