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1 Hotel & Residences Rendering Crush: Beige, Beige, Beige

[Renderings via BuzzBuzzHome]

How do you turn a great big, architecturally uninteresting rambling barn of a building that owes its very existance to the invention of freon into a LEED certified, 'green' luxury hotel? This is what Starwood Capitol is hoping to do when they unveil the completed 1 Hotel and Residences in 2014. But until that happens, decent renderings have finally, finally hit the floor, showing new landscaping, a new pool deck in what is now a gaping maw of nothingness between the current pool deck and the beach boardwalk, and a rather puritanical obsession with earth tones and straight lines. That's seriously a lot of beige. Finally, check out a few older renderings, here.
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