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Morris Lapidus's Apartment Destroyed, Sold For $1.3 Million

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Curbed National reports that Morris Lapidus's former apartment, a flamboyantly decorated duplex in Belle Isle's Terrace Towers, a building which Lapidus himself designed in the early sixties, was "renovated by enterprising flippers, who purchased the space for $900K in April 2012. They then set about turning the midcentury pad into an open concrete loft, but retained the enviable outdoor space and added a modern kitchen, bathrooms, and an outdoor shower, before selling for a six-figure profit."

Although the apartment's original dining room, with its golden colonnade of pompeiian arches and clear lucite dining set had already been removed and donated to the Bass Museum, at least some of the apartment's original decor must have remained intact until the renovation. Now just about the only thing left seems to be the wonderfully curving staircase with its original chandelier which you can barely see in the corner of two of the listing photos.

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