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Comment of the day

"It's true that H&deM buildings always look better in real life! That being said, while this is not one of their most striking design, there are hints of what they have in mind. Clearly the "see through units" are showing their intention in the design of the units. This is a unit designed building and not sculpture. There are 3 cores reducing hallways in the center and creating units that have both a sunrise and sunset view. Usually only corner units have this, but here it seems most of the units will. Add to this the generous balconies, the intent of the architects is the maximize the experience of the Florida climate and views! Imagine living here! Can have breakfast with the sun and dinner with the sunset! This is a design for Miami. Additionally, H&deM are always obsessed with materials which is why there is so much concrete and glass. In this case, the quality of the design will be seen when built. An understated design for sure."-archiguy [Lots Of Renderings Revealed Of Herzog & de Meuron's Jade Signature Condo Tower]

Jade Signature

16901 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida