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A Video Tour Of The Old Miami Herald Building When It Was New

Miami Archives dug up these two videos from the Wolfson video archives of the old Miami Herald building when it was new, a "magnificent, giant new plant." A "self contained, 24 hour city, with 1,200 inhabitants." It had rooftop space for 6 helicopters (never much used), a cafeteria, a single-floor business office unique to newspapers, and pneumatic tubes going everywhere. Craziest of all, check out the massive contraptions and dozens of people that would eventually all be replaced by word processors. Part two of the video is after the jump.

· In 1963, the Miami Herald Building was a self-contained city [Miami Archives]
· Miami Herald Building coverage [Curbed Miami]

Miami Herald Building

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Florida

Resorts World Miami

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, FL 33132