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And Now, Nineteen (Mostly) New Renderings Of Faena House

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The good people of Faena have released to the world about ten glorious new renderings of the uber-luxurious Faena House by Foster + Partners/starchitect Lord Norman Foster, which are in the above gallery, along with about nine older ones that Curbed rounded up here and there on the web, all put together for, you know, the wow factor. Things to note: the penthouse's mind-boggling rooftop infinity pool (yes, any penthouse worth its salt has a pool, but just look at this!), the almost retro streamlined modishness of everything, the aleros, the huge doors, the bathrooms, the perfect symmetrically of certain spaces. Much more Curbed coverage of Faena House is over here.

UPDATE: Some of the renderings Curbed found are out of date. Those have been noted in the gallery.
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Faena House

3301 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida