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Historic Robert Law Weed House Demoed On Sunset Island 3

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And another one bites the dust. Another historic Miami Beach house, this one built in 1939 by important South Florida architect Robert Law Weed and now owned by the prominent Lindemann Family, fell to the wrath of the wrecking ball yesterday. With an application submitted and approved before the Great Miami Beach Demolition Moratorium went into effect, and preservationists focusing their efforts on saving 42 Star Island Drive, there unfortunately wasn't much stopping the demolition of this sucker. Ironically, a new house, double the size, is being designed on the site by (gasp! quelle horreur!) one of Miami's leading preservation minded architects, Allan Shulman. Here's a quick history of the house's occupants:

The home was built for Atlanta residents Luther Marchant Davenport and his wife Dorothy Barnes. They were part of Atlanta society of the early 1900s, and Ms. Barnes had shared ancestry with Abraham Lincoln.
· Demolition Alert [Save Miami Beach Neighborhoods]