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The Last Building On Williams Island Is, Like, Almost Done

Dear old Williams Island. It's where your Bubbe plays canasta every Tuesday afternoon. It's where you got stoned at your friend's condo back in high school and accidentally insulted the valet. (hey, you were stoned)

Now the last empty development site on Williams Island has a new tower, called Bellini. The almost completed 24 story building has 70 units, with at most four units on each floor, and the full roster of condo amenities that one would expect in any luxe Miami building, including valet (to insult while high, of course), pools, an amenity deck, and a screening room. Oh, and it's basically on top of the Williams Island Marina. One expected amenity for South Florida the joint doesn't have: rooftop pools for the penthouses. Bah! To shame! Okay, we're not that snobbish, but in this day and age isn't a new high-end building lacking a rooftop pool in these balmy climes just a tad unusual?

Fun fact, developer Marty Z. Margulies used some of his famous art collection as collateral to get a loan for the project.

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