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Things Are Looking Good At Hialeah Park, Plus A New Rendering

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Although a part of famous old Hialeah Park has opened for simulcasting, construction continues on Phase 1 of the project, including a new casino within the old grandstand, and new grounds. Still under construction are the casino and the new gardens, a radical departure from the stately formality of the race track's old gardens, by landscape architect Raymond Jungles. Then Phase 2 is when things really get crazy, with a new casino building, a new 700 room hotel, a revamped Metrorail Station, and what might be described as a whole new downtown for the City of Hialeah. Yes, it seems they're doing the whole 'racetrack city' thing that Gulfstream Park did/is doing, but to somewhat higher standards of design. A new rendering of the Raymond Jungles gardens is after the jump, and check out a video of Hialeah Park's future, this way.

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