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Raymond Jungles Does His Thing At The Wayne Boich Jr. House

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Oh mama. Thank collection of Paul Bunyan-sized sugar cubes that billionaire coal heir Wayne Boich Jr. calls a house will be practically engulfed in an elaborate, lush, and glorious jungle designed by (guess who?) Raymond Jungles. We hear Wayne and his new bride are really nice neighbors. Like, bride Cynthia has brought her famous apple crumble to all the neighbors. Or at least they've met the neighbors, and in this myopic twenty first century world of ours, that counts for a lot. But we dare you to try jumping over that wall/fence/hedge to borrow a cup of sugar.

We still miss Villa May.

So, what do you think of the combination of house and garden dear readers? Do you wish there was more of the great white whale house to see from the street? Are you relieved that there isn't? Do the gardens cover up its striking modernist design or provide relief from the bland? Will the Boich manor make a pleasant addition to the neighborhood or is it a grandiose and ostentatious castle?

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Villa May

4700 North Bay Road, Miami Beach, FL

Wayne Boich Jr. House

4700 North Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida