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An Impeccably Preserved Beer Baron's Palace On Palm Island

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Known as the 'Budweiser Estate', this stately neoclassical mansion on Palm Island seems absolutely untouched since the year it was built, whenever that was. Listed for $8.9 million, the house is close to another home sometimes attributed to the Busch beer dynasty, Al Capone's former house at 93 Palm Avenue. While the listing says the house has been 'structurally updated' and it looks like air-conditioning must have been installed at some point, almost everything else screams original, down to the white awnings over the windows and the hand-painted scenes of cherry blossoms and bluebirds on the dining room walls. The house includes seven bedrooms, three studios, an office, gym, pool, cabana, guest house, an award winning rose garden, a wide terrace overlooking the bay, and a deep water dock with easy ocean access.

UPDATE: Thanks to a Curbed reader who checked the building card, we now know that the house was indeed built for beer baron Clarence M. Busch of Anheuser-Busch, and the architect is listed as W.F. Brown.

· 142 Palm Avenue [StreetEasy]