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New Renderings Revealed Of Metropolitan By COMO Hotel

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With construction progressing rapidly towards a December opening, new renderings (and what look like interior designer schematic thingies) have dropped of the Metropolitan by COMO on Miami Beach. The hotel, a renovation of the long-shuttered art deco Traymore Hotel, will have a rooftop spa and hydrotherapy pool, a beachside pool with direct beach access, a private dock on Indian Creek, two restaurants, and interiors by italian designer Paola Navone.

HotelChatter suggests that "We envision guests using the hotel's own private dock on Miami's Intracoastal Waterway to be transported from the airport to the property" to which we say, that would be sooo awesome, but although the airport's adjacent to the Miami River, there's gotta be some major infrastructural issues to work out there. (not to mention, the hotel is actually on Indian Creek, no the Intracoastal, but that's just splitting hairs)

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