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Hidden Aventura Island To Be Developed With Glassy Towers

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An empty and little-known island directly in the middle of that little bay just north of Biscayne Bay, called Dumfoundling Bay, is being developed with two sixteen story glassy residential towers. The project, and the island, will be developed by a company called BH3, will be called Privé, and will be designed by Sieger Suarez, according to Real Deal. The 160 apartments will start 68 feet above sea level to take advantage of the expansive views, which means they'll have plenty of lower-floor real estate to fill up with parking garages or amenity decks or what-have-you, and will range from $1.7 million to $6 million. Not particularly visible from the mainland, the island is accessed by driving through Williams Island and then another island residential development, passing through multiple gatehouses on the way.
· Private Island To Be Developed As Privé [Real Deal Miami]