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'Cheapest' Houses in Manhattan; Real-Life Barbie Dream House

The latest from Curbed NY...

1) Manhattan: Finding a "cheap" single-family Manhattan townhouse that is not in dire need of a renovation is not easy. Curbed NY trolled the listings to find the 10 least expensive houses available right now?they start at $2 million.

2) Upper West Side: If Barbie lived in New York in the '70s, this bubblegum pink apartment was probably her home. The unit hasn't changed hands in 45 years, and neither has the decor: fabric paneled fabric walls, a plush metallic headboard, and a room covered with mirrors. The seller wants $750,000.

3) East Harlem: Could you live in a 325-square-feet? The Curbed NY editors tried it for 24 hours. They moved into the micro-unit on display in the Museum of the City of New York for one full day, and liveblogged the adventure. And yes, they spent the night in the museum.

4) Soho: Sleep where the famed artist Jean-Michel Basquiat hath slept?maybe. An AirBnB rental listing for a 2,330-square-foot Crosby Street loft claims to have been home to the graffiti artist turned Neo-expressionist painter.
· Curbed NY [ny.curbed]