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Renderings Of The Bond On (Not At) Brickell Revealed

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Along with a slight name tweak to The Bond On Brickell (The Bond is On Brickell, not At Brickell or In Brickell, even though yes it is in Brickell Avenue, just barely), the condo building building has released new images, showing a retooled, post-recession upgraded look for a condo tower designed before the Great Recession.

The sleek renderings show the porte cochere nestled under the building, the lobby, an airy gym, a game room, long light strips going up and down the building's facade, and a kid's playroom. According to the Bond people, they're "creating an environment that would appeal to James Bond's European jet-set lifestyle of the 1950s and 60s – and the international jet-setters who are buying condos today." Ergo, the design on the chalkboard in the playroom (that circular spiral motif) looks like the inside of a gun barrel. (you know, like the James Bond intro sequence where he shoots the guy and then the movie screen goes all red) Perfect for James Bond Jr.

P.S. The Bond On Brickell is already 60% reserved.
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