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Iconic Alfred Browning Parker House Threatened Yet Again

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Midcentury architect nonpareil Alfred Browning Parker's iconic 2 Casuarina Concourse house in the swanky Gables Estates is under threat again - despite its recent historic designation - as the owners sue for up to $7 million in damages and/or the right to demolish it because preserving the historic house allegedly harms the property's resale value. The attorney for the owners told the Real Deal that the property's high value derives from its 290 feet of canal-fronting land, right around the corner from Biscayne Bay. (just to clarify: not on Biscayne Bay itself) That value is harmed because the house supposedly has no direct water view since it was designed to protect artwork from the deteriorating effects of direct sunlight.

The house obviously doesn't have much of a bay view (because there's another house in the way!) but whether or not the lack of a canal view is true (highly doubtful) has yet to be independently verified by Curbed Miami. In any case, even though the house is already 11,000 square feet, they probably want to build something three times as big with a lot more closet space and a lot less historic charm.

P.S. The house is still on the market for $12.5 million Come and get it angel preservationists!
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