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Twin White Towers 400 Sunny Isles Break Ground Today

400 Sunny Isles, a project that was designed by architect Chad Oppenheim in the last real estate boom, stalled as the economy tanked, and revived from a total catatonic state by enterprising developers hungry to get a piece of the real estate recovery, is breaking ground today. The twin boxy white towers sit on either side of a breezeway. A dry boat storage facility is hidden behind a green wall. An infinity pool surrounded by sand gives the pool area a hint of beachy-ness, perhaps to make up for the building not being on the beach itself. Finally, the project has whatever these are: "impressive underground zen gardens of sand, stone, and crystal clear water are housed beneath a glass floor in each of the tower's private lobbies."
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400 Sunny Isles

400 Sunny Isles Boulevard, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida