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Virgin Looking To Pop Miami's Cherry With Two Randy Hotels

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Here's something we missed. It was reported recently that Richard Branson's Virgin Hotels (Yes, the Virgin Hotels chain is an actual thing) had opened an office in Coconut Grove with ten full time employees, five more than their New York office, and that they would use that office to scope out Miami hotel properties. Sure to be perfect places for losing one's virginity, of course. HotelChatter, however, points out that Virgin wants to do not one, but two virginity robbing houses of pleasure in our fair city.

The hotels are planned for Miami Beach and Brickell. Oh, and not to get everyone all hot and bothered, but they'd even be interesting in building a nice, leg opening, outpost up in Fort Lauderdale. Oh, for the days when hotel sexcapades were limited to hourly motels, the Mayfair House, and the Fontainebleau. We used to be so innocent...
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