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Walmart Wars

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Opponents of the Midtown Miami Walmart, which has its special permit in hand, have now appealed that permit on the grounds that it should never have been issued by Planning Director Francisco Garcia because the Walmart designs go against the pedestrian oriented, mixed-use, New Urbanist rules that govern Midtown's development. Whew. Long sentence. Anyways, the point is even though Walmart has its permit, Grant Stern and his merry band of Midtown Walmart foes are all like, "oh no you didn't!" to Garcia and have appealed the decision. Their appeal will be heard by the Planning & Zoning Appeals Board. Meanwhile the urban disaster that is Walmart doesn't seem to be scaring off Jorge Perez. Go figure. [Miami New Times; Curbed Miami previous coverage]

Midtown Walmart

2901 N. Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida